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Wizards’ big Bradley Beal question that could make or break their season


The Wizards are in desperate need of a win after losing their first two games of the season. Bradley Beal is one of the most important pieces on the team, but he has been playing poorly so far this year. If he can’t turn it around soon, the Wizards will have to make some tough decisions about how to move forward with him.

The bradley beal knicks is a question that Wizards’ big Bradley Beal has been asked many times. If he can answer the question, they will have a chance to make the playoffs.


Because of the Wizards’ hectic summer, new head coach Wes Unseld Jr. has a 12-man rotation. The success of this strategy in the 2024-22 NBA season will be determined by how successfully Spencer Dinwiddie and Bradley Beal gel as the team’s starting backcourt.

Dinwiddie is the Wizards’ most important offseason acquisition, since he and Beal are entrusted with spearheading the team’s offense. On the surface, these two should play together, but each player has a genuine question mark connected to them.

Dinwiddie is coming off a stellar season with the Brooklyn Nets, when he averaged 20.6 points and 6.8 assists per game as the team’s main point guard. He shown an ability to be a go-to scorer who can score in isolation, go to the basket, and construct his own shot throughout that season and the previous one.

Dinwiddie took on such a role on a club that was swept out of the playoffs in back-to-back seasons despite having modest, at best, expectations. Now he’ll be playing with a genuine star scorer in Beal on a team where he’ll be the clear-cut number-two scorer.

In recent memory, Beal has started with a handful of elite point guards. Both marriages ended in a tumultuous or hasty divorce. Although John Wall has been at Beal’s side for the most of his career, the star-studded backcourt has a history of losing in the playoffs.

The Wizards traded Wall and a future first-round pick to the Houston Rockets in exchange for Russell Westbrook, who is currently with the Los Angeles Lakers. Despite their strong second-half playoff push, the Wizards should have been a contender in the Eastern Conference last season based solely on Beal and Westbrook’s one-two punch.

Unseld need a self-sustaining backcourt. Dinwiddie and Beal are both energetic scorers who like to get in the paint and are used to playing off the ball. It’s the same idea when Beal is paired with a point guard who is in possession of the ball.

Dinwiddie, on the other hand, is not like the Wizards’ past floor generals. Wall was a typical point guard who facilitated and accepted whatever the defense offered. Off the dribble, Westbrook was a force to be reckoned with. Dinwiddie is a decisive scorer who also has the ability to manipulate the ball.

Beal is the offense’s driving power. Dinwiddie is the team’s second leading scorer, but he must also play well enough that opponents must gameplan for him almost as much as Beal. Dinwiddie’s ability to score on his own and Beal’s success keeping the ball less than in previous years has created such a danger.

Dinwiddie and Beal have the potential to be an elite backcourt in terms of output and impact. The rest may fall into place for the Wizards if they become such a danger.

The four guys the Wizards acquired for Westbrook should be starters from the start, if not rotation players. Kyle Kuzma has the potential to be a consistent scorer. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is a solid two-way performer. Montrezl Harrell is a ferocious finisher on the inside. Aaron Holiday is a promising young scorer. Corey Kispert, a rookie, is an excellent shooter.

Rui Hachimura is a consistent scorer in what’s left of the structure. Davis Bertans is a pure shooter. Daniel Gafford is a skilled inside player who can also score on the break. When Thomas Bryant is healthy, he can be a formidable force on the inside. Due to his quickness and ability to score off the dribble, Deni Avdija was a top-10 selection a year ago.

The Wizards have a mix of studs, veterans eager to prove themselves, and a slew of unproven scorers on their roster. For this squad to rely on, there must be consistent fixtures. Why? There are many of NBA teams who are either rebuilding or mired in mediocrity that can score at whim but can’t seem to improve their win-loss record. This is what the Wizards can be if they don’t have a name.

In general, this is an offensive-minded squad that struggles on defense. Their offseason acquisitions help a little, but it’s hard to see them reversing the tide, if you will.

The Wizards were third in the NBA in points per game (116.6), but 30th in opponent points per game last season (118.5). They’ve taken a step forward offensively. Their greatest chance for victory is to go all-in on having an overpowering offensive. It’s what their roster is most suited for, to be honest.

Yes, it seems like excitement about the Eastern Conference is an annual ritual. However, from a competitive perspective, the conference seems to be 10-plus deep.

The Milwaukee Bucks, Brooklyn Nets, and Philadelphia 76ers are all legitimate contenders. In the meanwhile, the Atlanta Hawks have made a name for themselves, while the Miami Heat got Kyle Lowry and the New York Knicks addressed holes this summer. The Chicago Bulls, meanwhile, have acquired DeMar DeRozan and Lonzo Ball.

Teams like the Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers are laying out plans to reclaim their status as respected powers. The Charlotte Hornets have a strong core and roster that may push them to the next level.

Next season, the Washington Wizards may be either a deep, versatile club or a team with raw potential but no victories to show for it.

The first scenario occurs as a result of Dinwiddie and Beal clicking, diverting attention away from others and allowing players to put the ball in their hotspots. The second scenario has a pair of guards who are attempting to be the same player. They will either make or destroy the Wizards’ hopes of being a contender in the Eastern Conference.



The Wizards’ bradley beal stats is a question that could make or break their season. Bradley Beal has been an inconsistent player this year and the Wizards need him to step up his game if they want to win games.

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