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Why the 2024 offseason could be pivotal for Houston


With the Astros’ success in 2018, many are wondering what will happen with the team after 2024. Will they be able to negotiate a new deal with their players? What will happen if they can’t?

The houston rockets rumors are that the Houston Rockets could be in a position to make some major changes this offseason.


Basketball’s most precious commodity is star players. It’s why, in return for them, clubs are prepared to give up control of many years’ worth of draft picks. There are only three ways to get these kind of players: via the draft, trade, or free agency. The Houston Rockets will take bites at the apple through trade and the draft during the next several years as a rebuilding club, but they won’t be able to sign a great player outright until 2024.

This is due to the fact that Houston does not have a max slot — the amount of cap space required to sign a high-profile free agent. Every rebuilding team’s core goal is to properly manage the salary cap, eventually free up a max slot, and create a situation attractive enough to attract a star player. The Rockets won’t be able to do so until the summer of 2024, because to the contracts of John Wall and Eric Gordon. This is one of the reasons why Houston’s summer of 2024 is so crucial.

As of August 28th, these are some of the free agents that will be available:

LeBron James is a basketball player.

James Harden is a basketball player from the United States.

Nikola Jokic is a Serbian footballer.

Bradley Beal is a basketball player who plays in the NBA

Irving, Kyrie

Middleton, Khris

Grant, Jerami

The Rockets will be an over-the-cap club for the next couple of years, which means they’ll have to be careful with their spending and the contracts they acquire via trade. Houston now owes just $7.3 million in pay to its players for the 2024-24 season. Houston will have an astounding $102 million in cap space if the salary limit does not rise and no long-term contracts are signed between now and then (both improbable).

There are a few things to bear in mind, though:

  1. By this time, the Rockets are expected to extend Kevin Porter Jr. and Jae’Sean Tate’s rookie contracts, and we have no idea how much money they will earn from Houston in 2024.
  2. Houston’s mid-level exemption will be available this year, next year, and the year after that. This implies they may potentially sign additional players in 2024 to fill the void.
  3. Between now and then, the Rockets may trade for players who would be eligible for salary in 2024-24.

The rookie extensions, especially Kevin Porter Jr., are the most important thing to keep an eye on here. Porter Jr.’s camp will almost certainly want top money if he has a breakthrough season with the Rockets and displays star-level talent. Porter Jr.’s position is unusual because of his off-court past, thus the Rockets may be able to negotiate a lower salary for him. If he performs like a star, though, his rookie deal will have a floor of $20 million per year. By including Tate, the total compensation to be cut from the initial $102 million amount may be $30 million. So, a possible breakthrough season from Porter Jr. might be the difference between the Rockets having one or two max salary spots in 2024.

Houston may potentially trade Daniel Theis in the summer to free up $9.1 million in space. Regardless of how much, the Rockets will have significant salary room for the first time since 2016. They have the option of signing a big star or several quality role players (like Atlanta in 2024). They may only have one opportunity to accomplish this because of the way their books are put up. The contracts of Wall and Gordon are clearly a roadblock for the next two years, but rookies like Jalen Green and/or Alperen Sengun may eat into significant salary cap room in the years following that.

It’s also a crucial offseason for the Rockets for other reasons.

In 2024, Christian Wood will be a free agent. If the Rockets don’t sell him before the summer, they may use up all of their cap space and re-sign Wood with their Bird Rights at the conclusion of the season. However, such a move would require a high level of confidence between the two groups. If Houston tries it, they risk having to re-sign Wood to an expensive contract without having any max free agents following him, or risk letting him go to another club.

Jalen Green, Alperen Sengun, Usman Garuba, and Josh Christopher will all be eligible for contract extensions if they stay on the club. The Rockets may have to carefully balance all of these talks while attempting to utilize all of this money. If they’re lucky, Jalen Green and Alperen Sengun will be so excellent that they won’t need to negotiate much. Overall, the front office will be stretched thin over the next several months.

The Rockets are well aware of how important this summer will be for them, which is why they’ve only signed one player to a three-year contract since the James Harden trade (Daniel Theis). For the organization, there is a basic sketch of a plan and a timetable. In the meanwhile, they’ll have to re-establish themselves as a desirable basketball team. This clearly begins with rookies like Jalen Green becoming into great players. Houston has a bad track record when it comes to bringing in top players on a free agent basis. They’ve had an excellent hit-rate when they’ve had a star in hand, like as James Harden. When free agents believe they can fight for something long-term with the club, the market’s attractions (warm weather, fairly priced real estate, no state income tax, etc…) become much more important tiebreakers.

Everything in the NBA is done with great care. Summers like this are planned many years in advance by teams. It’ll be fascinating to watch how GM Rafael Stone’s front staff plays his hand as Houston approaches the summer of 2024. Every action made with long-term money will have a cascading impact that must be monitored.



The houston rockets draft order is a potential issue that the Houston Rockets could face in the 2024 offseason. If they do not make a move, there is a chance that they will lose their top-3 pick to the Philadelphia 76ers.

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