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How to Enable Discord Overlay

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Discord is a voice and text chat application that allows users to connect with their friends, family members, or other people they are in contact with. It can be used on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

The discord overlay hotkey is a feature that allows users to display the Discord Overlay on top of other windows.

Discord is an application that can be found on any gamer’s smartphone. It is a kind of audio chatting that allows colleagues to interact while playing team games. Many players prefer this software over the game mic because they believe that activating the game mic raises the ping, lowering the gaming experience.

As a result, they choose to communicate via discord. If there is no transmission while playing a game, the game will be uninteresting for everyone on the team. To make the game more enjoyable, communication must be present while playing.

Discord has a great and clean UI that seems to be extremely easy, and anybody who understands a little bit about technology may simply utilize it for their needs.

It’s simple to use, and users may meet new acquaintances while using it. Users may turn on discord overlay to reduce distractions and enhance their game experience. Learn how to enable discord overlay in a few simple steps.

Discord Overlay: How to Enable It

Discord overlay may be used to assist minimize background noise and transmit just the user’s audio. This application will not function until the user installs Discord and grants all of the permissions. To activate discord overlay, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Go to Settings from the gear icon in the button-left corner after opening the Discord program on Windows.

Step 2:

Click on “Enable In-Game Overlay” under the “overlap” tab in the settings. The user may lock the overlay by pressing Shift+Ctrl+Ctrl+Ctrl+Ctrl+Ctr (the key suitable for use). By clicking the keyboard symbol and selecting a new key for discord overlay, users may modify the configuration.

Step 3:

After you’ve completed this, choose the Save option.

Discords Game Overlay may be customized.

In the options section, users may modify the discord overlay. Users may modify the Discord overlay by changing the size of avatars accessible in an overlay or choosing when names and users are shown by scrolling down to the bottom of the overlay option to locate the notification panel.

You may configure the overlay to appear by clicking on the four grey corners of the displays. Then, in the center, click the circle-backslash symbol to deactivate the overlay notification, which will allow you to access additional displays. Users may also toggle the text and voice notice at the bottom of the menu bar to remind them of important information.

To activate or disable game overlay for particular games in the windows or device, go to the settings. Select the “Game activity” tab from the drop-down menu. After that, switch the overlay option on or off by clicking on the monitor icon, which will be next to the right of a game.

Users may alter the settings both within and outside of the game. Press Shift+(the key used as a short key for accessing the overlay option) to bring up the in-game options menu, then click on the COG icon.

Option to Pin Windows to Discord Game Overlay

The user may pin the text chat window over the game after the Discord overlay has started operating on the device. Then either start a game or press shift+ (key to open overlay option). Following that, the user will be able to view the in-game overlay option. When playing the game and accessing the overlay settings menu, click the pin symbol to bring up the window.

Users may adjust the opacity or transparency of this window by selecting the opacity option and selecting the appropriate slider. Discord has every option a user may possibly need to improve their gaming experience.

Additional Discord-Related Options

Discord is a free program with a lot of useful features. It comes with a premium plan, which is required when the user wishes to transmit data in excess of 100 MB. Users may relax with friends on their own server or join anybody else’s server on Discord.

Individuals speak about a variety of topics on Discord, and on certain servers, users may hear people discussing their everyday lives. With all of the amenities offered by the discord, it helps to relieve tension and make the user more comfortable. A user may locate one discord overlay option in discord, which allows them to add a windows screen when playing games. To gaze out the window while playing games, the amount of transparency and opacity will be set.

Discord is one of the numerous private servers available, some of which are invite-only for privacy reasons. Over their server, a group of friends or a community may communicate with one another and share their everyday activities. There are gaming, music, creative videos, children’s content, movie trailers and teasers, and many more communities. Users may create a new house in Discord with a large number of pals for fun.

Some study-related servers are also designed for students, allowing them to rapidly get answers to any topic. People may share their ideas with others who have similar hobbies or interests in the same area, such as sharing vehicle engines or anything related to supercars with others who are interested in it, and they will not be bored.

Discordia vocabulary

The following are some of the particular items that are utilized by frequent Discord users:


It refers to the areas of conflict. Specific communities and buddy groups create these servers. The overwhelming majority of student or friend-made private servers are tiny and invite-only. Any new user may create a new server for free and ask their friends to join them in having fun.


Discord servers for text and voice channels are organized around particular subjects and may have a variety of regulations. Users may write messages, upload any files needed by other group members, and share pictures for the other members in the text channels. Users may connect via a real-time audio or video chat on the voice channel, and other members of the server can join if they are interested. This Discord application also has a screen sharing feature.

GDMs vs. DMs:

Users may send a private message to any other user in the form of a direct message (DM), which can be used to initiate a voice or video call. GDMs is the user who will send a message to inform others or engage in any kind of discussion. The maximum number of members in a group is 10 users.


It is the Discord service’s premium version. It provides members with unique benefits such as Discord tag customisation, the opportunity to utilize any custom emotes in any server with a greater upload capacity, and servers will be enhanced.

Discord is one of the finest gaming companions; any gamer will discover all of the necessary options to participate in the fight. Friction aids in maintaining a strong bond with other teammates, making the game more pleasant. The user may also view the windows screen in-game using the Discord overlay. Discord is one of the most popular messaging apps among gamers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable overlay in Discord 2024?

In order to enable the overlay in Discord, you must first make sure that your settings are set to allow it. The overlay will not appear if your settings are set to No or Off.

Why is Discord Overlay not working?

Discord Overlay is not working because the game has disabled it. This is due to copyright restrictions that Sony fears would be leveled against them should they allow something like this.

What is the hotkey for Discord overlay?

The hotkey is the F key.


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