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Moses Moody Is the Perfect Scoring Archetype for Stephen Curry and the Warriors

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Stephen Curry has been a scoring machine for the Golden State Warriors this season, averaging 28.8 points per game and shooting nearly 50 percent from three-point range. The best part is that he’s doing it all without a single teammate averaging over 10 points per game.

Moses Moody is the perfect scoring archetype for Stephen Curry and the Warriors. He has a unique blend of size, athleticism, and shooting ability that makes him an ideal fit for this team.

Moses Moody, a rookie with the Golden State Warriors, is expected to play more of a supporting role in his first season. Still, he’s the ultimate scoring archetype and the ideal wing partner for Stephen Curry.

In the 2024 NBA Draft, the Warriors chose Moody with the 14th overall selection. Moody was ranked in the top 10 in several mock drafts, and his scoring ability fits Golden State’s style of play. He’s putting on a show in the Summer League, which might be a precursor of things to come.

In the Summer League, Moses Moody is making a statement.

Moses Moody scored 22 points in a variety of ways tonight. Transition lob, mid-range stepback, sweeping baby hook, push floater, spot-up 3s, off-the-dribble long 2s, transition lob, mid-range stepback

Jonathan Kuminga, Golden State’s top draft pick, may be creating highlight-reel jams and wowing with his own scoring prowess, but Moody’s ability to put the ball in the cylinder has been particularly remarkable.

Moody is shown his versatility by scoring in a number of ways. He’s gone to the cup on the dribble and finished with a delicate touch, launching floaters and runners from a variety of positions. In transition, the former Arkansas star makes a strong first impression and quickly fills the void.

The improvement in shooting ability has been very noteworthy. During his one season with the Razorbacks, Moody averaged 5.1 triples per game, indicating that he was not afraid to shoot from long range. In Summer League play, he’s been much more efficient, making an even 40% of his attempts on 6.7 shots per game.

Moody hasn’t done a lot of playmaking in his career. In three games, he has just three total assists. The Dubs, on the other hand, don’t necessarily need him to be a prolific creator. Moody’s scoring punch and skill set are particularly valuable for a club in need of wing depth.

Stephen Curry’s skills are complemented by Moody.

Steph Curry, according to Bob Myers, took Moses Moody to dinner yesterday night and complimented him on how nice a person he is.

Stephen Curry should be pleased with Moody’s performance in Vegas because of how well the kid compliments his own game.

Curry is said to have visited one of Moody’s pre-draft workouts and was blown away by what he witnessed. The 19-year-old showed off his ability to score off the dribble and make pull-up jumpers. Curry and his teammates need that pure scoring ability, especially in the midrange and from long range.

Steph is a fantastic passer. He possesses one of the finest handles in the game and can pull from any position on the court. He is, though, perhaps even better when he is not carrying the ball. As an off-ball screener, he may search for open looks off picks and stimulates cutting movements.

Curry, on the other hand, was unable to play off the ball as much last season due to the Dubs’ reliance on him to score the ball and create plays late in the shot clock.

In this respect, Moody may relieve Curry of some of the strain. Because of his all-around scoring abilities, he may have an even bigger effect on Golden State’s offense than Kelly Oubre Jr. had last season.

Moody has the potential to be a catch-and-shoot outlet. He can also come off the bench and offer a scoring punch in the half court or in transition. All of these abilities should help Curry as a point guard and provide him with more versatility as the offense’s catalyst.

What role will Moody play on this Warriors squad?

Moses Moody, a Warriors rookie, has a chance to contribute with his scoring abilities | by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

The Warriors are attempting to win the NBA championship. What role does Moses Moody play in their current plans?

Coach Steve Kerr would be smart to give Moody some playing time right now. Outside of Andrew Wiggins and Andre Iguodala, the Warriors don’t have much wing depth, with the latter serving as a senior presence and defensive captain.

Moody provides some much-needed scoring for the Warriors, and he can help completely unleash Curry and Klay Thompson as off-ball threats. As a 19-year-old rookie, he’ll undoubtedly go through growing pains, but there’s just too much potential for him not to get significant playing time.

In addition, Curry seems to have taken a shine to Moody. Steph recently got a $215 million contract and calls his fair share of shots in Golden State, so it means a lot.

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