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All the items there are currently shortages of, from chicken to beer


With the recent shortages of chicken, beer, and other items, it’s clear that there is a growing demand for these goods. As more people flock to the market, the scarcity will only increase. This begs the question: what can be done about this?

The is there a food shortage coming uk is a question that has been asked by many people. There are shortages of chicken, beer, and other items.

Man shopping in supermarket wearing face mask

Your neighborhood supermarket’s shelves may be looking a little bare. (Photo courtesy of Getty)

Several necessities and other items have been in limited supply in the UK, creating difficulties for shops and restaurants alike.

The situation has deteriorated to the point that the Cooperative Group’s Chief Executive has described it as the “worst he’s ever seen.”

The problems are the result of a perfect storm, with Covid and Brexit wreaking havoc on both food supply networks and leaving the sector without tens of thousands of truck drivers.

Supermarket executives have warned that if the issue continues, Christmas may be affected.

McDonald’s, a worldwide behemoth, has been unable to sell milkshakes or bottled beverages in the United Kingdom for the last week.

What goods are believed to be in low supply?


Pubs have been forced to close due to a lack of barrels of popular beers such as Amstel, Fosters, and Heineken.

Trucks arrive via the Channel Tunnel at the port of Calais

The availability of drivers has been affected by new Brexit rules and Covid testing. (Photo courtesy of Getty)

Due to a lack of truck drivers and the ‘pingdemic,’ many employees have been compelled to isolate after being warned by the Test and Trace app, breweries have been struggling to keep up with demand.


The popular lean, high-protein beef is in limited supply.

So much so that, earlier this month, Nando’s was forced to close 50 of its locations due to supply problems.

Greggs also stated that it has ran out of chicken bakes, chargrill chicken oval pieces, and a variety of chicken-filled baguettes.

Co Op chair, Steve Murrells in front of empty shelves

The Cooperative Group’s boss recently said that this scarcity is the worst he’s ever seen. (Photo courtesy of PA/REX)

The British Poultry Council’s chief executive, Richard Griffiths, claimed members have reported a 5 to 10% decrease in weekly chicken output due to staffing problems.

‘They are already manufacturing a limited variety of goods for UK consumers, and they are genuinely worried that the supply of basic chicken items may be affected,’ he told Politics Home. You have an issue when you don’t have personnel, and this is something we’re seeing across the supply chain.’


It’s not only chicken; another popular poultry staple may be in short supply, causing traditional Christmas feasts to be disrupted.

There are concerns that if supply chain problems persist, there may not be enough turkeys to go around this Christmas.

‘The major issue we’ve got at the moment is labor, we simply cannot get people to operate our farms and run our plant,’ Mark Gorton, managing director of Traditional Norfolk Poultry, told ITV News.

Turkey and pigs in blankets

Favorite Christmas foods are at danger of running out. (Photo courtesy of Getty)

gammon with pigs in blankets

Other Christmas favorites may also be in limited supply.

Farmers are said to be starting to prepare pigs for Christmas orders about now, so any interruption in the system now will have an impact closer to the holiday season.

The National Pig Association (NPA) is warning that tighter restrictions on European Union employees are causing farms to struggle to recruit workers.

‘There is a big worry about pigs in blankets and gammon availability for Christmas,’ said Zoe Davies, the NPA’s chief executive. This is when the processors would usually be laying down and stockpiling stock for the holiday season.’

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The coronavirus mutation uk is a virus that can be found in the United Kingdom. They are currently experiencing shortages of chicken, beer and other products.

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